Chad Berg


I was born, raised, and have lived in Baldwin City, Kansas for my whole life.  I was involved in sports at a young age, where I grew the passion to compete. After high school, I went to Morningside College, a liberal arts school in Sioux City, IA, where I got a degree in business finance in 3.5 years. While at Morningside I also continued my football career.  My first two years I played defensive back and then made the switch to offense. Throughout my four years, we had a 55-7 record, winning four straight conference titles. Football taught that success is not given, its earned and that a day not getting better is a day getting worse. These are lessons I carry with me every day in my personal and business life.


I chose the financial planning industry to be able to build long term relationships with individuals, while also being a valuable resource in their financial success.


When it comes to saving, many people have two important questions: "How much do I need to save, and where do I need to put it?"


In these times, information is very easy to come by. Everyone has something to say and the information can be conflicting and convincing at the same time. While that information is accessible, it is difficult to decide what will work best for you and your financial goals. My passion is to make your financial goals a reality by helping you figure out the most efficient way to make your retirement dollars work for you. My philosophy is “begin with the end in mind” so that you are prepared throughout the course of your life. You want to be present in life without unnecessary worries related to money and I want to help get you there through evaluation, education, and planning.

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